Friday, May 27, 2011

Blot Your Lips!: storm chasing

This is a blog from a very good friend of mine that used to work at WHO TV.
Shay Holland now works in L.A. I thought her insight on the tornadoes the last few weeks was pretty amazing. Blot Your Lips!: storm chasing: "a cross atop a severely damaged church in Joplin, Missouri-5.23.11 Available for hire: one experienced storm chaser and live shot reporter...."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Tornadoes South U.S. Again Today

At least 13 people died in the tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas yesterday.

The picture is from our sister station KFOR in Oklahoma City. That tornado is just one of many that were on the ground for many hours Tuesday.

The Severe Storm Prediction Center's map shows the high risk of tornadoes in the Mid-Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys today. Yesterday the SPC building in Norman, OK was evacuated as near-by tornadoes were on the ground.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Severe Storms Today

A severe thunderstorm moved through central Iowa today. The wind gusted over 60 mph. The cloud picture is from Maxwell this afternoon. The tree damage is from Urbandale and the twisted trampoline picture was from Grimes.

More strong storms are expected tonight. Most of the severe weather will occur in Missouri again overnight.

Oklahoma was hit hard by huge tornadoes today. The area just west of Oklahoma City to the eastern edge of that state had EF3 to EF4 tornadoes today. People are digging through what is left of their homes and businesses. At least 4 people were reported dead at the time of this blog.

Watch some of the coverage and see the video at

Severe Storms Possible Tonight

There is a chance for severe weather over the southern 1/2 of Iowa this afternoon...tonight and even tomorrow.

We could see damaging wind and large hail.

There is a high risk of tornadoes in the southern U.S. Kansas...Oklahoma...and Texas have a good chance for large tornadoes tonight.

Big storms again in the area of Joplin Missouri.

Al Roker from the Today Show took these areal pictures of Joplin today as he flew along in a National Guard Black hawk helicopter.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Record Highs...Rocking School Talk

We told you the records would fall today and they did!

The new record for Des Moines is 95...old record 90 set in 1911. Denison, Waterloo, Mason City and Lamoni were the other early calls for records in the 90s.

It was hot this morning in the commons of the Waukee Middle School. (Mostly because this weather guy was full of hot air.)

250 or so students of the fabulous 6th grade have started a weather unit. So.. we talked weather. The kids were warm...but great.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Heat!

Get out the shorts and short-sleeves. We are on the way to 80s today and lower 90s tomorrow.
The wind will be strong today and tonight. It will be out of the south... strong enough to knock our flag off the front of the house this morning.

Highs will be in the record range tomorrow. Our record high for May 10 is 90...set in 1911.

The wind and heat is helping to dry us out. That a spectacular news for farmers.

There is a chance for strong to severe storms Wednesday. We had a few storms in northern and southern Iowa this morning....but be on the watch for a better chance of big storms by Wednesday evening.

You will hear much more about the chance for storm chasing later this week.

Stay cool.