Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wind Advisory Wednesday

There is a wind advisory in effect for most of the state from 6AM to 6PM today.

The wind will start to roar out of the west at 20 to 30 mph. Gusts will reach 40 to 50 mph.

A wind advisory is issued when there are sustained winds of 25–39 miles per hour (40–63 km/h) and/or gusts to 57 miles per hour (92 km/h).

Drivers should be aware that high-profile vehicles could be swerving through the high wind today.

Also.. bad day for garbage pick-up. A day when the garbage and garbage cans of others may become part of your front yard.

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Strong Storms Tonight...Feels/Looks Like Spring

Storms have been moving through the state tonight. We have seen strong wind, heavy downpours and lightning. In Audubon County there was a report of 1/2 inch diameter hail.

This looked much more like a spring storm outbreak than weather we normally see in February.

The storms were moving at 55 mph to the northeast as I tracked them during the 10PM news.

The lightning strikes were topping 600 an hour between 10 and 11 PM.

There are reports of major damage near Topeka, KS from a tornado touching down tonight. The little town of Harveyville had search and rescue teams combing the debris. There were reports of "walking wounded" trying to find family and first aid.

Much more on that on the NBC news today.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Storm Warning Update, Totals, Photos and Kids

We have seen a lot of rain in Des Moines today. There is a winter weather advisory for our area...and a winter storm warning for central and NW Iowa tonight. The counties in pink indicate the winter storm warning for Iowa tonight. Des Moines is under a winter weather advisory.

The heavy snow and gusty wind will make travel difficult tonight. Expect reduced visibilities and icy roads.

We are going to see the rain switch completely to snow by 8PM. Snow has been falling in much of northwest Iowa through the day.

This is a photolink sent to us by Nick Stover in Orange City. That is near Sac City in NW Iowa. By 3:00 this afternoon they had about 3 inches of snow on the ground.

We would love to see your pictures on Channel 13HD. Get to the web and upload them right here: www.whotv.com/weather/who-weather-photolink,0,6687110.framedurl

The snowfall totals map shows the line of heavier snow that is expected in the NW corner of the state. We will see 1" to 3" of snow in Des Moines. Even though this is very heavy snow...the wind will increase to around 30 mph this evening. Blowing snow will reduce visibilities. Icy roads are going to creep closer to Des Moines overnight.

I expect there will be some schools that either delay or cancel their classes tomorrow morning. Most of the classroom disruption will be north of Des Moines.

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Fun Stuff

I had the great opportunity to be the guest reader at Eason Elementary in Waukee this morning. Mrs Schneiter is one of the 3rd grade teachers at Eason. She was my son's teacher when he was at Eason. Today she had a great group of kids who listened to Mr. Ed read "Is That A Stinky Cat in Your Backpack?"


A winter storm is moving toward Iowa and making for a very hectic forecasting period.

The last 6 hours the forecast models have changed the forecast track and snow depths over the state.

During the 10PM news. 10:14 to be exact. The weather service threw out the winter storm watch and issued a winter storm warning for Des Moines. Changing their forecast for little to no snow...and upping the totals to 5"-10"+ of snow for Des Moines and points north.

The timing was terrible for our 10PM weather. We were able to update the warning...but it was close.

To clear up any confusion....we do our own forecasting....but the NWS issues all watches and warnings. It is our duty to pass the NWS warnings and watches along to you.

All our forecasts were keeping the heaviest snow to the north of Des Moines. I still think we will see some snow...but the largest snowfall is expected to be in the Highway 30 to Highway 20 corridor.

Here is the snow total map from the NWS. The feel the heaviest snow will fall closer to Des Moines.

Our latest forecast ... is showing more snow in the area closer to Highway 20. It does look like there is a chance for heavy snow over 2" per hour in that area of the state.

The biggest factor to seeing heavy snow...or no snow is the timing of the colder air. It looks like heavier rainfall will continue through the noon hour. Northern Iowa could see the switch to snow by early afternoon. We will see the change to snow later in the day.

This is a storm with heavy moisture. One to watch through the day.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Storm... We'll See

There is a Winter Storm Watch for northern and northeastern Iowa early tomorrow morning through tomorrow evening.

This storm has very little certainty as each model made it look like a yo-yo. One day the storm was targeting Minnesota...the next Iowa.

Here is the latest expected snowfall.

There is a potential for 6 to 8 inches of snow from Mason City to Waterloo. This is not something you should bet the bank on tonight.

We are expecting light rain to fall over central Iowa. The rain will change to snow in northern Iowa late in the day Thursday. If you live south of Ames...you won't notice winter weather.

We'll wait and see what happens with this guy, then focus on another storm for the middle of next week. Girl's State Basketball!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moisture, Spring Blooms and Eagles

The snow and rain that fell over the state yesterday was welcomed by most. We need to soak up every inch of rainfall and snow melt.

Most of the state is considered to be in a moderate to severe drought. The map from the Iowa State University Agronomy Department shows most of the moisture fell over the western 1/2 of Iowa. It was primarily rain.

There is very little frost in the soil south of Highway 30. This will allow the moisture to seep into the ground. Usually the snow melt is run-off this time of the year.

We had this picture of crocuses sent to our photolink file yesterday. Annette Johnson sent this hope for spring from Pella. I was expecting tulips.

The picture is perfect...love to see the flowers but my concern is for freezing temperatures in March. We have mild weather right now...but there is good chance for cold air to snap into the area next week.
The frost and freeze could destroy many a garden with early blooms.

More signs of spring. The Eagles in Decorah are watching over a couple eggs in their nifty nest. This picture of the second egg was sent to our photolink file as the snow was falling over the eagle camera.
You can see the live stream of the nest on this link.

Enjoy the sunshine today. It will be windy, but high will again make it up to the middle 40s. I expect we will be close to 50 tomorrow.
Colder temperatures are back for the end of the week.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warm Winter

This graph from Iowa State University shows just how warm this winter has been in Des Moines.

Daryl Harzmann works out of the Agronomy Building on the ISU campus and puts together some of the most detailed and interesting weather facts imaginable for central Iowa.

The recent graph of climate information shows the departure from the average temperatures this season.

From Daryl: "The featured chart is another illustration of how warm this winter has
been. The chart shows the number of days this winter season that the
low temperature has been at or below a given temperature threshold.
The blue line represents the minimum total for any year prior to this
year. The teal line is this winter and it closely hugs or exceeds the
previous minimum at some thresholds. The overall minimum temperature
has only been 1 degree this year, which would be the warmest on record
if it stands for the rest of winter. Our last winter is plotted in red
and shows how much different it was than this year."

You can check out great weather information that is updated just about every day on the Iowa Environmental Mesonet. http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/index.phtml

This recent picture from Clive shows the open water of the ponds in that area and the water fowl that has stayed in the area through the winter.

40s are in the forecast through the rest of the week. After the brief rain this afternoon and evening... we will have a dry end of the week and weekend.

The next storm will move into Iowa Monday. This has the potential to mix rain and snow over the state.

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Have a great rest of the week.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Storm Update

Storm is still coming. We are going to see the slow-moving system leave us with rain this afternoon and evening.

The rain will switch to snow early tomorrow morning. You can see the snow total map that shows most of the snow will be in Southwest Iowa.

That is the area that has a winter storm watch through 12:00 AM Sunday.

The snow Saturday morning will be heavy at times, then we are expecting a drier period during the mid-day hours. More snow will move through the area Saturday evening as the wind picks up and the storm starts to move east.

Travel to the west will be difficult at best tomorrow. Up to 18 inches of snow is expected in central Nebraska.

Tune in for the 5,6 and 10 newscasts...updates are always on 13.2 and you can follow me on Twitter @EdWilsonWX13HD for constant updates.

Have a great day and be ready for a mess Saturday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend Storm Pushing South

The big storm is still moving in our direction..but now is taking a turn farther south. This will mean less rain and snow for central Iowa.
There is a winter storm watch for the southwest corner of Iowa. It does not include Des Moines.
Rain will start tomorrow afternoon. The rain will change to snow by early Saturday morning.
More dry air is going to get pulled into this storm and the track will stay in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. That will mean about 1 to 3 inches of snow in Des Moines...but up to 6 or 8 inches of snow over SW Iowa, NE Nebraska and NW Missouri.

There is also a Dense Fog Advisory for portions of eastern Iowa. Fog has been a huge problem there over the last few days. Visibilities will fall below 1/4 mile.

It will be windy Saturday night and Sunday.
Travel will be difficult south and west of Des Moines.
Folks north of Highway 30 could miss all the weather action this weekend.

Finally....it was warm enough today for Vicki Van Donselaar to use the clothes line to dry the wash. Great weather for now... but stay tuned for the big changes this weekend.

As always...tune into 13.2 for the latest forecasts. Also follow on Twitter @EdWilsonWX13HD for more updates on this storm.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 days in the 60s, Dense Fog, Winter Storm

The warm temperatures have busted another record today. At 3:05 this afternoon we topped out at 60 degrees. It is the new record for Feb. 1st. It is the third day in a row that Des Moines was 60 degrees or warmer. That has never happened during our meteorological winter (Dec 1-March 1).

Now we have a Dense Fog Advisory for the NE 1/4 of Iowa. It does not include Des Moines.

Calm wind and warm air flowing over the snow in that part of the state will reduce visibilities to under 1/4 mile tonight. The advisory is in effect through 10AM.

We will have great weather again tomorrow...but a winter storm with a potential to rock Iowa is moving our way. It will hit Friday night. First we will see rain and then the rain will change to snow. Saturday is going to be a mess. We could see some areas with over 5 inches of snow. Higher amount are possible. This storm is still 36 hours out...but the forecast models continue to show it on track for much of central Iowa.

I will update the storm tonight at 10 on 13 HD.

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