Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine today. Happy Friday to all.

More cool weather is in the forecast today but tomorrow we will have a melt down. The highs on Saturday are expected to be around 40 degrees. It's going to be a super sloppy day before Super Bowl Sunday.

Snow So Far

We have seen an amazing amount of snow so far this year. In January we have seen 15.5 inches of snow in Des Moines. The average is about 8.5 inches. Last year we had 10.9 inches of snow by the 30th of January.

So far this season we have moved 31.2 inches of snow. Our average snowfall by January 30 is 20.8. Last year by the 30th of January we had 29.8 inches of snow through the 30th.

That is a ton of numbers..but when you dig down to the pavement of the issue... we are going to see another big year for snow. There is a potential for more flooding this spring. The National Weather Service will lay out the flooding forecasts on February 27 and March 13. I will pass the information along.

Ice Age

Much of the southern U.S. is still trying to get power back to their homes and businesses. The ice storm left over 1 million people without power. Central Kentucky was hit particularly hard. You can see the pictures and hear the stories of those who are now living in shelters on the weather page of

New Weather Look and Information

Use the weather pull-down on the main page of and you will see Iowa's Weather Plus, school and weather related closing information, photolink up-link and storm central.

The new Storm Central is a place to see what breaking weather is affecting our state and the rest of the country. Today the head-line is the ice storm. It makes my heart ache for those who are dealing with the massive ice storm.

Have a great day... send me your comments and questions.

Ed Wilson


Megan said...

Welcome to the world of blogger, Ed! Love the new look!

Fiona said...

Hey your new blog. What is the 30 or 60 day outlook for precip and temps??

Ed Wilson said...

Hi Fiona... sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just learning the blogging life.

The long range outlook for February tells us we are expecting normal or average values for temperatures and precipitation.

The 30 to 90 day outlook gives us a better than average chance for warmer temperatures....equal chances for precip.

Here is the link to the Climate Prediction Center.

Have a great day!

Ed Wilson said...

Hi folks... get ready to blog about your drive time and road conditions tomorrow. Let me know how this winter has affected your commute.