Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Numbers

Just wanted to check in with the snow numbers for December. They are pretty impressive.

Tuesday and Wednesday we had 15.7 inches of snow. So far this month we have seen over 17 inches of snow. Since October the snow total is over 18 inches!

On the average we see about 8 inches of snow during December.

On average we have about 36 inches of snow each year.

The first day of Winter is a week from Monday...the 21st of December. We are way ahead of schedule.

The all-time snowiest winters in Des Moines top out over 60 inches. In the 1911 to 1912 winter Des Moines saw 72 inches of snow!

It will be warmer this weekend...there will be melting during the day...but anything melted will refreeze overnight.

Have a safe rest of the week.


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