Monday, January 18, 2010

Fog to Freezing Rain

A Dense fog advisory is in effect for most of the state of Iowa today through Noon on Tuesday. The visibilities will drop to less than 1/4 mile by this evening.

The fog will be slow to lift because of a weak area of high pressure that is sitting right on top of eastern Iowa. That is causing the moisture to be trapped at the surface.

Now we have to worry about freezing rain and ice with another low pressure system that is going to move out of the Rocky Mountains tomorrow and give us freezing rain tomorrow night through Thursday.

There is a very good chance for slick roads and ice accumulations. Higher wind by Thursday could also cause power lines to snap under the pressure of the ice and wind oscillating the power lines.

Plan for extra problems on the roads Wednesday afternoon through Thursday.


pedally said...

Ed, you are so filled with wonderful news....

Fiona said...

Hey Ed

Your forecasts this winter have been awsomely (is that a word?!) accurate. Keep up the great job and I will be watching for that ice on Wednesday....ugh!