Monday, March 29, 2010

Warmest Temps Since September

We are on the track to a very lamb-like end to March. We actually started out very nice and quiet. The biggest change in the forecast trend will be the temperature range this week.

Highs by Wednesday are expected to be in the middle 70s. In Des Moines the warmest we have been since September is 77 degrees. We should be very close to that temperature Wednesday and Thursday.

We are going to have to deal with some very gusty wind. The wind gusts will top out near 30 MPH tomorrow and Wednesday. This is going to be a south wind that will help to pump up the temperatures from some 80 degree highs over Missouri and Arkansas. It will make some travel difficult... especially if you are traveling east or west.

There are chances for thunderstorms coming our way Friday and Saturday. The extra heat and wind will be pushed around by a cold front Friday night and Saturday morning. Some storms to the south of Des Moines could be severe.

Have a great week riding out March into April.



MamaLizKnits said...

As an Iowan living in Maine, I can tell you that things are wonky here! We're forecasted to get 3-6 inches of rain by mid-week. Sure wish I was there soaking up some warmth instead of shivering in my OLD cold house. Enjoy the warmth!

玉苓 said...

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