Monday, April 5, 2010

Severe Weather Late Tonight...Week of Awareness

There is a good chance for strong to severe thunderstorms later today and tonight over the southern 1/2 of Iowa. There are already very strong storms moving through central Missouri and those storms are moving north towards Iowa.

The very slow front of storms will stretch out over Iowa tonight through Wednesday. There is a good chance for heavy rainfall and for some of those storms to churn up winds that could produce tornadoes.

Make sure you stay tuned to Channel 13 all evening and overnight with Iowa's Weather Plus. But also make sure you have your severe weather radio ready to go...tuned to the county warnings that affect your area. Make sure you also have new batteries ready for the radio.

Flash flooding is the topic for the Iowa Severe Weather Awareness today. Flash flooding kills more people than an other severe weather event. Do not drive through flooded roads. Know what areas are prone to flooding in your area.

Check on your flood insurance. Most home-owner insurance policies do not include flood damage.

ALWAYS...ALWAYS....ALWAYS... have your all-hazards severe weather radio in your home and business. Make sure you have it tuned for the county where you live and work. Have batteries ready for back-up.

Have a safe day... stay with Channel 13.

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