Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Flooding

The rain just keeps coming. We are expecting more thunderstorms through the day and overnight that will leave another more of southern Iowa under water.

So far this morning we have seen amazing rainfall totals.

Allerton (Wayne County) 4.15"
Near Plano (Appanoose County) 4.50"
Chariton (Lucas County) 4.80"
Promise City (Wayne County) 5.72"
Centerville (Appanoose County) 7.10"
Seymour (Wayne County) 7.50"

Many roads are still under water this morning. There will be some improvement as the water recedes a bit this afternoon...but more rain is moving into the area.

Please have your NOAA weather radios ready to warn you. Many of these storms will be strong to severe overnight tonight and again tomorrow night. Keep the weather radio with you during the day and with you when you are sleeping. The alarm should be set for your specific county and will keep you safe in the event of severe weather while you sleep.

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