Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Full Day of Winter!

The winter solstice 2010 starts tonight at 5:38 PM. The start of winter..and the shortest day of the year will be marked by colder overnight lows and the next big storm waiting to hit the central Iowa area Thursday.
I love this time of the year. The sunrise this morning was amazing. We had some fog in the area and it highlighted the deep reds and orange hues of the sun coming up over the horizon.
We still have another day of dry weather... it will be windy tonight and tomorrow morning, but the gusts will die down by Wednesday afternoon.
Here comes the Thursday storm...right on schedule...and as advertised. It will give us more snow. 4 to 8 inches of snow is still on the table. Ice will stay to the south of Iowa...in Missouri.
This storm hits as many are trying to hit the roads. Travel to the north is looking much better than to the south. The best time to travel...early Thursday and late Friday or Saturday morning. The worst time to drive will be Thursday afternoon, evening and overnight into Friday morning.

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