Thursday, September 1, 2011

Severe Drought Improvement Over SE Iowa

Highs are near records again today and we all need to be reminded of the severe drought that has been going on over southeastern Iowa the last several months.

This maps shows the drought areas over the country and forecasts some improvement for the southeast corner of the state.

We did have rainfall Tuesday. Only .75" of rain fell in Ottumwa. That .75 is all that city has seen in 3 months.

There are a few chances for showers tomorrow and again late Friday night into Saturday morning.

Those showers tomorrow could give some relief...but the better chance for heavier rain comes overnight Friday into Saturday morning. There is a pretty decent chance for storms to move through central and SE Iowa.

That will also make for some soggy conditions for Hawkeye tailgaters early Saturday morning. The rain should be out of the area by the 11AM game.

I'll have Football Friday and ISU/IOWA forecasts coming up on the news tonight and tomorrow.

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KP said...

We track the weekly drought monitor available at

Concerning to see the cornbelt included in this drought report over the past few weeks.

Kevin Penner