Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trending...Kids in Pumpkins?

We love the fall photos that are being sent to our photolinks on Recently, many have sent in pics of their little pumpkins inside real pumpkins.

Is this a new Halloween trend? These pictures are cute, I guess. But the kids do not look particularly happy about the situation. The first kiddo in the gourd is Charlotte "Charlie" Dorsey. She is 7 Months old and is the daughter of Katie and AJ Dorsey from Gowrie.
Next we have Gia. Gia is the 8 and 1/2 month-old daughter of Kaily Defino. The Defino family is from Indianola.
The last kid in the pumpkin pic is from Taylor Breuklander, also of Indianola, showing off her "5 month-old pumpkin."

We do have a picture at the bottom of the page with a kid outside the the pumpkin patch. Maybe little Benjamin is just checking the pumpkins in the Carroll Pumpkin Farm for a perfect fit. Thanks Mindi Blizek of Promise City for that picture.

Keep sending the pictures our way. Photolink upload is...,0,6687110.framedurl

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