Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 days in the 60s, Dense Fog, Winter Storm

The warm temperatures have busted another record today. At 3:05 this afternoon we topped out at 60 degrees. It is the new record for Feb. 1st. It is the third day in a row that Des Moines was 60 degrees or warmer. That has never happened during our meteorological winter (Dec 1-March 1).

Now we have a Dense Fog Advisory for the NE 1/4 of Iowa. It does not include Des Moines.

Calm wind and warm air flowing over the snow in that part of the state will reduce visibilities to under 1/4 mile tonight. The advisory is in effect through 10AM.

We will have great weather again tomorrow...but a winter storm with a potential to rock Iowa is moving our way. It will hit Friday night. First we will see rain and then the rain will change to snow. Saturday is going to be a mess. We could see some areas with over 5 inches of snow. Higher amount are possible. This storm is still 36 hours out...but the forecast models continue to show it on track for much of central Iowa.

I will update the storm tonight at 10 on 13 HD.

Follow all storm updates on Twitter. @EdWilsonWX13HD.

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