Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 2 Tornado Count and Coverage

Over 98 tornadoes were reported yesterday with the massive storm track that started in Indiana and ran east covering most of the eastern US.

Check out the breath of the storm reports. The pinpoints 15 states.

The pictures are from our sister station WHNT in Huntsville, AL.

You can see the massive tornado and the damage that was left behind in the northern Alabama area.

This afternoon the death count was up to 31. More than half came from Kentucky. Marysville, IN is described as being completely wiped off the map.

The most amazing report came in this afternoon. A baby was found all by herself in an Indiana field. The baby was taken to a local hospital and listed in critical condition. The family is with the baby now. The child was found 10 miles from the family home!

This will go down as one of the most deadly March storms. These huge tornadoes are not expected this time of year and very seldom are this strong in states like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

The largest tornadoes were classified as EF4 and EF5. For the first time there was a tornado emergency warning. This is a new classification of tornado step above the warning that means large metro areas are in immediate danger of large tornadoes.


Our weekend is going to be windy. Highs will be remain in the middle 30s today...cooler than average.
Tomorrow we will have a chance for light snow morning... then rain showers by the afternoon. The map shows the low will slide just to the south of Iowa. Highs tomorrow will make it to the lower 40s.
It will be much warmer next week.

Check out Brett McIntyre's evening forecast and Megan Salois for early morning weather coverage tomorrow.

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