Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Storm Thursday

Here we go with some amazing weather today through tonight.

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued this morning in western Iowa. There is a slight chance for severe weather for most of central and southern Iowa through the rest of the day.

The cold temperatures to the north and all the heat and humidity are forcing those thunderstorms and then we will see ice and snow over the northern 1/2 of Iowa this afternoon and tonight.

There is a winter weather advisory for most of the state from highway 30 north. That is from the Ames area to the Mason City area. Ice is going to be the big issue. .10" to .20" of ice accumulation is possible and then we will have about an inch or two of snow on top of the ice tonight.

North...along the Iowa/Minnesota border... we could see 6" of snow on top of .20" to .30" of ice. Big slow-downs are expected in travel...both on the ground and in the air. This morning two American flights were cancelled at the Des Moines Airport. Those flights could not make it into town from other wintry destinations.

The ice on power lines will also cause power outages in northern Iowa tonight. The wind is expected to whip up the those lines with 20 to 30 mph gusts.

More snow is expected tomorrow night. This time central Iowa has a chance for measurable snow... 2" to 4" are possible.

Make sure you stay tuned to Channel 13 through the day today... and make plans to avoid traveling in the winter weather if you can.

Have a great day...stay safe.



mainpowerconnect said...

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Ed Wilson said...

To Mainpowerconnect....

This is great information. We love hearing from folks who are in the know and who can help all of us stay safe.

We will make sure to mention this during our next round of storms.

More winter weather on the way tomorrow... not the ice...but snow.


Fiona said...

Ed I'm thrilled that our yard is finally "snow free"!! Thank you for these fantastic temps. Am even looking forward to a good soaking rain and possible thunderstorms!!