Monday, February 16, 2009

More Snow?!

Here we go again. Another chance for rain and ice and snow. This time it will hit Tuesday and continue into Wednesday. It will be warm enough to give us all rain during the day Tuesday. Then temperatures will start to fall. There is a good chance for freezing rain before we see all snow after sunset.

One to three inches of snow is expected....right on top of the ice and freezing rain. The wind will kick up with gusts of 30 mph....right out of the northwest on Wednesday.

We are still above normal for snow this season. The average is 25.9 inches of snow by the 16th of February. We are now 38.7 inches of snow...that is over a foot above the average. Last year we had 42 inches of snow by now.

Cold temperatures last year.

We had some very cool temperatures last year. Over half of the country reported below average temps between January 2008 and January 2009. In Iowa we were much below the average in 3/4 of the counties.

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Have a great day...get ready for the mix tomorrow.

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