Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Blizzard

April showers bring May flowers...April blizzards bring huge headaches.

We told you this one was on the the way all week. This is one of those storms that you might be telling your kids and grandchildren about some day.

The heavy rainfall yesterday set us up for the snow today. The warmer air did take some of the winter punch out of the storm for the northwestern portion of Iowa. I thought there might be a 12 inch total in the northwest corner of the state...but the heavy band of snow set up over the highway 20 line of Iowa.

In and near to Iowa Falls the snow brought down power lines as tree branches were snapped and pulled down the power to about 2000 people.

Conrad, Iowa is located in Grundy County...just north of Marshalltown. That town boasts the riches soil in the country. I grew up in that neck of the woods...and I can tell you that black dirt was covered with 10 inches of April white. 2.5 inches of snow fell in just 1/2 hour Sunday.

My parents live in Grundy Center...and as they walked out of the First Presbyterian Church yesterday....lightning was striking...thunder was rolling and the snow was coming down in buckets.

In Des Moines we had one to three inches of snow. It did melt quickly... and roads were in much better shape than Interstate 35 between Ames and Story City. I-35 was closed as cars and trucks were sliding into the ditch...and Iowa State Patrol units were also stranded. The DOT trucks were also going in the ditches.

Opening day of baseball and snow in Iowa... it has to be April.

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Iowa. Meet me back here for some info to keep you and yours safe.

One more thing... I went to the Barnstormer's game Saturday night. My wife...both kids... our best friends and 4 of their children. Everyone had a blast (with the exception of my wife who is sooo not a sports fan and did not like her drinks being spilt on her shoes). It is going to be a great year for the 'Stormers. I will be back...with just the kids. Happy wife=Happy home.

Have a great day... Ed

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