Friday, April 3, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Here comes an April snow. This is just what most folks here were not waiting to hear.

April snow is not that unusual. Many of us who lived here in the early 70s remember the monster storm that stalled the state. It kept me out of school for 10 days! Now that I have children of my own...there is greater understanding and appreciation for my parents.

This storm is shaping up to give northwest Iowa a winter blast. Yesterday the National Weather Service threw out a winter storm watch for the northwest 1/3 of Iowa that will go into effect Saturday night and last through the day Sunday.

I thought the winter storm watch was a bit pre-mature. I think it's great to give a heads-up to everyone on big storms that appear to be on the way to Iowa...but mentioning 7" to 18" of snow accumulations...three to four days before the storm... could send a panic to the bread and milk isles at Dahl's.

Today is for the love of spring. It is going to be beautiful. Get out there and enjoy. I will be picking up sticks in the garbage cans and throwing down some fertilizer.

Tomorrow the rain will be here by the evening. Thunderstorms are possible. The rain will change to snow on will be heavy snow at times in the northwest. The wind will be crazy by the evening and overnight hours. Be careful if you have to travel northwest. Stay tuned for the tune-up on the forecast this evening.

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