Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Severe Weather Possible This Afternoon-Evening

There is a good chance for showers and thunderstorms later today that could be severe over central Iowa.
The strong storms could also drop a ton of rainfall on central and northern Iowa.
1" to 2" of rain is possible in the metro area. Heavier amounts are expected north of Des Moines.
I think the biggest threat will be the heavy rainfall. There is a chance for strong to severe wind..but this storm in riding along a warm front. The cooler air will pass through overnight. Warm fronts are not to be trusted for severe weather. The warm front usually gives the heavy rainfall.
More rain is expected tomorrow and again toward the end of the week. The heaviest rainfall will come early in the week.
What a great weekend for Memorial Day activities.
I was on Saylorville Lake this weekend. The weather could not habe been much better. The fun-loving folks were out in large numbers. Hope everyone made it home safe. Lots of weekends to come this summer. Let's have fun and keep it safe and sane.

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