Monday, August 30, 2010

Taste of Iowa BBQ best!

You might guess by looking at the size of this local weather guy that I love to eat. This weekend I had the opportunity to go to my home area.
Conrad, Iowa is in Grundy County...some of the richest soil in the world sits in that part of Iowa.
Some of the best barbeque in in the world was sitting at the Grundy National Bank in Conrad Saturday.
I got to be one of the judges for the contest.
The Department of Agriculture sent in Harold Hommes and Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchens sent up Laura Marzen...another Grundy County native. Laura grew up in Wellsburg. She is a nutritionist. She kept looking at me like there was too much meat in my mouth. Harold and I go way back. About 20 some years ago we first met at the Iowa State Fair. Great times with the Pork Producers had memories coming back to life.
This food was amazing. Beef....Pork...and Chicken or Turkey were grilled by the contestants. Some were there the night before watching the grills and keeping the heat just perfect.
What a tough gig! Prefect day, great neighbors and friends, and fabulous food. It was heaven, right here in Iowa.
The all Iowa barbecue was designed to use only local producers of beef, pork and poultry.
It was an amazing event.
Thanks to Keely Harken from Grundy National Bank. The music, the farmers market, the herb garden demonstration and the food was just excellent.
Put me down for next year!

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