Friday, August 20, 2010

WWII Honor Flight Welcome Home

Last night I had the privilege of saying hello and thank you to the WWII vets who had the chance to fly from Des Moines to Arlington and back on the honor flight.
These men were amazing. It was wonderful to hear their stories of the day and the past experience during WWII. Many were on hand to cheer and congratulate these men of war who did so much to keep our country free.
The youngest was 82...the oldest near 100. Each was tired but filled with an amazing experience that will keep them talking and remembering for the rest of their lives.
One daughter of the honorees told me her father was not doing too well a few months ago. When he heard that he would be able to fly to see the grave sites of his fallen comrades and see the changing of the guard at Arlington...he started feeling better. His health improved enough for him to make the trip yesterday. This lady felt the idea of the trip was enough to help her father feel better.
It was an amazing experience. Thanks to the men who have given their all for our country.