Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October ... nice and dry

It has been just a great October. It seems like we are getting some pay-back for the very wet and active 2010.

For the first time this year, we have a chance for coming in under the average monthly rainfall totals. To date, 2010 is the 38th warmest year on record. We'll see if the next couple months shape up to be warmer than normal. This week will keep us moving closer to the top 30 warmest years.


Here are a couple little history facts and a site from the National Weather Service that takes us to "this date in history" archive.

Living in the mid-latitudes as we do allows us to experience a wide range of weather phenomena and temperature extremes. The range of recorded temperature extremes in the United States is 214 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest temperature on record in the U.S. is 134 degrees and the coldest is -80 degrees. The recorded temperature range for the entire planet is an amazing 263 degrees. With the hottest temperature on record being 136 degrees and the coldest a bone chilling -127 degrees.

On this day in Iowa weather history...

1899: Unseasonably warm weather brought the temperature into the lower 90s across about the southwestern half of Iowa. At Des Moines a high of 91 F makes this the latest date of the year on which 90 degrees has ever been reached at that location. Other reported high temperatures included 91 F at Centerville, Denison, Greenfield, and Onawa, 92 F at Carroll and Glenwood, and 93 F at Clarinda, Council Bluffs, and Red Oak.


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