Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Storm Line Tuesday

It was the end to the dry weather in central Iowa today. A storm line that moved through the state this afternoon left heavy rainfall and even piles of hail around the Saylorville Reservoir.

The Picture is from the National Weather Service office in Johnston. The hail fell from the storm cell that collapsed right over the top of their Doppler radar.

At 4:00 the storm moved into the north side of Johnston. The hail started to pile up around 4:20. The indentation in the hail near the left side of the parking lot is a foot print.

The folks at the NWS said about .92" of rain came with this storm. Some of that total was from hail melting in their rain gauge.

This ends the two weeks of dry weather. The last time we had a dry spell like that was last year....the end of August and first few weeks of September.

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