Friday, July 1, 2011

Severe Storms In Northern Iowa

Storms are moving through the north central Iowa area..Ft. Dodge has cooled off to the 60s as the front moved through. There have been reports of wind damage a bit farther north along the IA/MN border.

Storms now are located along the I-35 and Highway 20 area back to the south and west near Jefferson. They are moving to the east around 35 mph.

We will see a chance storm in the metro of Des Moines...but most of the action will remain north of DSM.

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Maribethsavage said...

At 9:17 p.m on Friday I was driving into Ft Dodge from Des Moines and I watched a funnel cloud form, basically hit the ground and go up. There was no warnings or anything talking about it, but I have it on video. I have it saved on my phone if you would like to see or uploaded to my facebook. My email address is