Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do you wonder where winter has been hanging out? Alaska! One of the coldest winters on record has left Alaska in the deep freeze this year. Check out the co-eds at University of Alaska in Fairbanks. -45 and beachwear... fantastic.

Monday morning Prospect Creek, Alaska had a temperature of -79. The record low temperature for the U.S. was recorded at Prospect Creek in 1971. It hit -79.8. When the temp hits -30 ...oil will not pour out of a can. Hot water turns to ice dust when thrown into temperatures around -25.

Heavy snow has also plagued the Denali state. Snow that has collapsed homes and business. A few reports of 70+ inches of snow in 48 hours.

Our winter... not so wintry. We have received 6.4 inches of snow since Dec. 1. 10 inches of snow has fallen since last Fall. Record high temperatures were recorded yesterday. Des Moines had a high of 65. The old record was 57. Busted!!!

Here is a picture of the creek in our back yard. Still frozen...but not enough to support the weight of parent or kids. We had a story of two folks who lost their lives while ice fishing in Madison County yesterday. Another story of a kid how fell through ice on the Des Moines River as he tried to stop his dog from falling into the cold water. Thankfully the child was safe...and the Des Moines river rescue team saved the dog.

More 50s are in the forecast through the next couple days. The ice is too thin. Make sure you stay safe and on solid ground.

We are watching another storm that will impact the area Friday night and Saturday. Rain is expected to change to snow. Stay tuned....winter still has time to make up for the spring temps this week.

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