Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hogs 4 Dogs...Event of the Weekend

We are so honored to be involved with so many great charities each year.

This weekend Aaron Brilbeck and I participated in the Hogs 4 Dogs bike rally in Ottumwa.

It was fantastic!

287 bikers took over the Ottumwa Knights of Columbus hall Sunday morning. The run started in Ottumwa and went south to Bloomfield...Pulaski...Farmington...Keosauqua...Douds...Eldon...Agency and back to Ottumwa.
All the money goes to the Heartland Animal Rescue League. The couple in the picture at the top of the blog are John and Tammy Hartley. These great people are ones who put this whole thing together seven years ago. The thousands of dollars raised come from the passion of motorcycles and love of animals.
Here is a letter from one of great folks who rode today and who know John and Tammy.

Mr. Wilson,

Thank you so much for coming to support our Hogs 4 Dogs ride. John and Tammie Hartley are such a great couple to take there passion for motorcycles and use it to help Heartland Humane Society. They don't get enough recognition in Ottumwa but they do the work of so many. We do hope you come back next year and we do hope you bring as many friends as you can. What you have found here is a community passionate about doing what they can to save as many animals as possible and we will take all the help we can get. My husband, Joe, and I were supposed to join everyone at the brewpub the other night but couldn't because of his work. We have three rescued dogs, one of which is special needs or at least "special" so we understand how much money and work it takes to shelter animals. My husband made and donated the Bad Dog Brewery Treats that were for sale. The grain came from the Brewpub where you ate the other night. So you might say that everyone in the community has a level of involvement but the Hartley's far outshine anyone else with their organization of Hogs 4 Dogs. Again, thank you for your support and we'll see you next year.
Thank you again!
Mindy Beekman

Mindy said it well. The event was one of the best I've attended in the 22 years I've worked at Channel 13. should be so proud of the organization and effort of your town and the communities along this year's ride.
Next year I am blocking out the second weekend in September for the Hogs 4 Dogs ride. If you ride a Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory, Buel or custom need to be on the ride next September...the weekend after Labor Day.
(((There is plenty to do...even if you don't drive a motorcycle. The celebrity bar night on Friday was a huge success. ))) will keep you updated and give you a ton of pictures from the great ride over the past weekend. It would be so cool to have 500 bikes next year. Come along for the rumble, the ride and the Heartland Rescue League.


tiny knight said...

Hi Ed, It was great to have you guys down for our ride this year!!! Thanks for doing your part in giving us GREAT weather, you are The BEST weatherman in Iowa!!!! It would be cool if a whole bunch of you would get together and ride down together, that would be an awesome site.

Ed Wilson said...

Hey Tiny Knight... thanks so much. You guys rock!
We will be down next year and are already getting the word out to our other rider-friends.
Have a great night...and we hope the rain stays out of southeast Iowa for a change.

susan boyd said...

Hey Ed,it was wonderful that the two of you came down to ride with all of us here in Ottumwa. Couldnt of asked for better weather. The Hartley family is one of the most amazing families, all the hard work and effort they put into this ride every year. They are a GREAT family. Hope you guys can make down next year for the ride. Also you can expect that FAT EDS BAR shirt shortly. We have one ordered for you and will be sending it to you shortly.

Tereasa said...

Hi Ed! Thank you, and Aaron, so much for riding with us this year. It was my 4th ride with this group but the first year on my own Softail Deluxe. I was with the small group that rode out of town with you guys. We certainly need all the attention we can get to benefit this charity. No doubt our celebrity riders played a large part in the increased rider turn out this year. Can't thank you enough for getting the word out for us! Happy and safe riding!

Ed Wilson said...

Hi Susan!

Thanks so much for the t-shirt. Please know I will be glad to pay for the shirt and for the postage.
We had a blast this weekend.
I will have to make a stop by Fat Eds Bar. Let me know when it's open for business.
Have a great day.

Ed Wilson said...

Hi Tereasa...
Thanks for the escort out of town Sunday night. Your Harley is beautiful. What a sweet ride!
Aaron, his wife Lisa and I loved being on the ride this year.
It will be fun to see how many we can pack into next years Hogs 4 Dogs.
I hope to get a fall colors ride through Ottumwa. It has to be great on the route we took last weekend.
Have a great week and ride safe.

Linda said...

Hello Ed, Thanks for helping out our community for the Heartland Humane Society Hogs for Dogs ride on Sunday! You ordered the best weather ever! Hope to see you next year and come to Ottumwa anytime to ride a Victory motorcycle! Linda

Ed Wilson said...

Hi Linda!

You know we loved our time in Ottumwa and will be back next year.
If I would have had the day off yesterday I would have made another trip down just for the heck of it.
I will stop by R/J Performance.
Have a great rest of the week.