Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shawn Moore Family Fundraiser

There is a golf Fundraiser Thursday, September 30th... 9:30 AM shotgun start... at Toad Valley in Pleasant Hill. This $50.00 a person golf event is to help the family of Shawn Moore.

Here is their story....

Shawn lost both arms below the elbow and both knees below the knees because of a heart ailment. The fundraiser was set-up to raise money for Shawn's medical bills and rehab with prosthesis.

Shawn made it through the surgery and was doing well. In July, three days before his 35th birthday Shawn died.

The charity event is going on to help his children...including 12 year old Cierra who wrote this entry about why her Dad should be considered for the Play It Foreward fundraiser at Toad Valley.

Hi! I'm Cierra Moore and I'm 12 years old. On June 4th 2010, my dad Shawn Moore became a quadruple amputee due to a heart infection. The heart doctors told us that he only had a 1% chance of surviving and if he did..he certainly wouldn't survive the quadruple amputation surgery..well my dad exceeded their expectations and survived...thanks to the doctors and my dad's will to survive. The amputation consisted of amputating his arms (right below the elbow) and legs (below the knee), and it's pretty devastating... as my dad is only 34 years old. My dad also had a tricuspid valve replacement along with a pace maker implanted into his heart. I've been helping take care of my dad by feeding him, giving him medication and just supporting my dad anyway I can. A couple of weeks ago , my friends and I made cookies on a stick and raised about $478 in a few days. We would like to raise more money and have the proceeds go towards prosthetics , medication or anything else my dad might need. My dad has supported me by taking me fishing and just always taking the time to support me..and now it's my turn to be there for him! Thank you for considering my application.

Cierra Moore
(moore love)
(moore faith)
(moore life)

Cierra is only 12, a 7th grader at S.E. Polk. She is amazingly mature...and will be at the course through the day.

She told one of the people helping with the fundraiser that there is a business class offered at S.E. Polk for fundraising...but only geeks enrolled. She says now she is in the class and understands how important it is to give back to the people in our communities.

You can walk up and get in on the event. Take time to enjoy the great weather and do something amazing for this family.

You can also donate to the family by visiting the Toad Valley web site;

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