Monday, February 7, 2011

Army Wives...6 Months Until Homecoming

Saturday night my wife and I were at a party for a friend at the Blue Moon Piano Bar in West Des Moines. While we were there... this group of Army wives stopped me and asked for a picture to send to their husbands who are half-way through their 12 month deployment.
Lisa Adams sent me the picture and wanted to thank me.
Ed -

Thank you so much for taking time for a photo Saturday night with our group of Army Wives~ Here's the picture. We were celebrating the 6 month milestone for this 12 month deployment. Getting this picture with you was a highlight of a very fun night!

They really are a great group of wives - strongest hearts I've ever encountered!

Thanks again,

Lisa Adams

Also Pictured:
Patty Keeley, Nicole Dornfield, Anna Fuller, Jessica Vandewater, Carroll Deets, Rana Webster

Lisa, Patty, Nicole, Anna, Jessica, Carroll and Rana were having a nice time, but I felt their anxiety. It is necessary to allow time to blow off some steam and to celebrate the half-way point until they get to be with their servicemen again. Strong women who have formed a strong bond and friendship with the only others who really know what each is going through.
I sent Lisa an email thanking her and the other Army wives for their sacrifice and the service of their husbands. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the thought of not having my wife with me for over a year. Even more unimaginable...knowing the life of the person I love the most is in danger.
We are so blessed to have Iowa wives, husbands and families who are making this sacrifice to keep our families safe and free.
Thank you so much.

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