Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here We Go! 60s busting through at 11 AM

The Legacy Golf Club in Norwalk is open for golf today! Matt Manning is the owner and called me this morning to let me know they decided to open for the season.

Matt said he had to get out the skid-loader to move some snow off a few of the cart paths...and there are some piles of snow in a few of the bunkers and shaded areas.

They put the information on their web site and 20 golfers were on the links by 11 AM. The expect about 100 hackers on the course today...and will be open through the weekend.

It was already 63 degrees at 11 AM. The sun broke through by 10:30 and really started to heat us up. The south wind will continue to be gusty and help to keep us on the record hunt for the day.

The record stands at 68...set in 1981. It will fall by this afternoon.

Here are the other temperatures for the central Iowa area at 11 AM.


AMES PTSUNNY 58 53 84 SW23G31 29.42S
ANKENY * PTSUNNY 61 57 88 SW18G30 29.45S
BOONE * PTSUNNY 56 52 87 SW22G29 29.43S
CHARITON * MOSUNNY 61 54 77 SW17G26 29.51R
DES MOINES CLOUDY 63 53 70 SW29G37 29.45F
GRINNELL* CLOUDY 55 54 94 S14 29.47S
KNOXVILLE * PTSUNNY 61 54 77 SW23G30 29.48S
NEWTON * PTSUNNY 59 54 82 SW13G18 29.47S
PELLA * PTSUNNY 59 50 72 SW16G24 29.50R

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