Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Major Miss on Major Storms This Winter

This picture may not make you believe it...but we have missed some major winter storms this year.

We have seen many of the largest Midwest storms stay to the north and the south of Des Moines.

I checked out the snow numbers for Minneapolis. So far the Twin Cities has received 65.1 inches of snow since December 1. 74.9 inches of snow since July 1 of last year.

The average snowfall for the "Cities" up to this point of winter is 40.5".

Kansas City has pushed 30.2" of snow this season. On the average K.C. sees about 16.1 inches of snow up to this point of the year.

We have had 31.5" of snow so far this year. Just a bit more than Kansas City... but way below the monster totals of Minneapolis.

Last year we outdid ourselves. Here are the totals for snowfall last year.

Des Moines ... 62.3"
Twin Cities... 37.8"
Kansas City... 35.5"

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Sam S. Hawk said...

And that's why they are called Averages... We were due this year. Thanks for the comparables Ed!