Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Mess

March storms are some of the most frustrating. This time of the year folks are ready to break into Spring break. Ready to think about digging in to gardening...not digging out of snow.
Tuesday the rain turned to snow and pain for some. The picture is from Creston. Warren Woods had around 4 inches of snow. The snowfall total map shows reports of snow ending around 8:30 this morning.
We were glad to see the picture and have the report from Warren this morning. Creston had more snow and much earlier than the rest of the state. The southwest corner was already under snow by 4 pm Tuesday.
This storm set up right over the central Iowa area. The forecast showed more rain...not snow over Des Moines, but the cloudy skies through the day over the southwest did not allow us to hold onto the warmth of 42 that was the high for the day.
March storms have so much heat and moisture that it is a challenge to nail down the rain to snow line. It can take years off a weather forecaster...make hair go gray...right before it is ripped out of your scalp.
The great thing about March snow is the short curb-life. Highs are going to be back in the 50s by Friday.

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