Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SNOW! Spring...Where Are You?!

Spring snow... I really do not like it. So, with that in mind...here are the pictures from my yard and back deck this morning. 1.7 inches of snow this morning at 7:00 AM.

Some areas of southern Iowa are reporting 3 inches of snow. That is along the Highway 34 line between Creston and Chariton.

The dry air last night was holding on so well, and the system seemed to be dying down as it moved to the south of Des Moines, I felt comfortable telling everyone that we would not see snow even in the grassy areas this morning.

The system rebuilt to the west and south and the moisture levels increased dramatically early this morning. I did expect more humidity in the air, but by the time the moisture levels increased that the little weather maker would be well past Des Moines.

Humbly, I measured the snow this morning.

On a brighter note... we will see this snow melt away very quickly today. Highs will be right around 40.

The cool 40s will stay in the early part of the 7 day forecast...but 60s are still on track for the weekend.

Spring! Yahoo!

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