Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Historic...Huge Tornado Outbreak Today

It has been a deadly day of extreme storms in Alabama. The huge supercell outbreak continues tonight. The storms have left most of northern Alabama without power. Over 250,000 were in the dark tonight.

This is a collection of pictures from our sister station...WHNT in Huntsville, Alabama. The photolinks show just how powerful these storms were today.

You can see the very large trees snapped above the ground. That indicates the wind had to be well over 100 mph.

The National Weather Service in Huntsville had to switch it's service over to other NWS stations in the state. Their meteorologists were in the storm shelter as the tornado passed over their office.

These people are going to need a lot of help. Reports of complete damage to businesses and homes continue to come in tonight.

Debris as large as cars is falling from the sky over northeastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia.

The death toll continues to rise. The Weather Channel is reporting dozens of people have been killed today.

This picture is amazing. Look at the size of that wedge tornado. It was taken this morning in the Guntersville, AL area.

We never ask people to stand in harms way to take a picture of severe weather...but this shot is pretty amazing.

This Map shows the number of reported tornadoes today. The damage is beyond imagination in much of northern Alabama.

A few of the tornadoes were reported to be over a mile wide.

Many are also injured. Emergency management officials are starting to search for those missing in the path of the storm.

June 1974 Outbreak

This map shows the track of the supercells that were a part of the largest number of tornadoes in U.S. history. 148 twisters were reported on that day.

Tonight we may have even more as the supercells continue to rush across Alabama and Georgia.

From the looks like the damage would be consistent with EF3 or EF4 tornadoes. There could be some EF5 tornadoes. The storm crews will be out tomorrow to estimate the strength of this event.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama took a direct hit. The mayor is asking for the country to pray for his city.

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