Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Death Toll Rising...Worst Since 1974

This YouTube video was shot yesterday in Burmingham, Alabama. It shows the width of the monsterous tornado. The estimate was 1.5 miles wide as it moved along the ground.

For those who are consumed with the task of taking in the extent of the damage and helping those who have lost loved-ones and homes...we send out our thoughts and prayers.

Photolink From WHNT

Our company owns WHNT in Huntsville and I have been watching their live updates of the storm recovery. This morning the sheriff was telling people to not travel. Gas stations are closed and people are getting stranded looking for fuel. Many cars become disabled because of the massive debris in the area. The officials said those driving were causing more problems because their tires become punctured and then the drivers are calling for help to get the cars repaired.

The official death toll this morning was approaching 200 this morning. The long-lived supercell dropped tornadoes from Arkansas to Mississippi to Alabama and Georgia last night. Today the same storm system continues to press to the east coast. There is still a threat for tornadoes in that area through the day.

It will be some hours before NWS crews will be able to assess the damage and the path of yesterday's storms. It does look like EF4 to EF5 scale damage. The last time there was an EF5 tornado in the United States was 2008 when our own Parkersburg was demolished. 8 people died in that storm.

Now would be a great time to donate to the Red Cross. Here is the link:

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