Monday, April 4, 2011

Severe Weather Awareness Week...Flooding

Flooding kills more people every year than any other severe storm event.

We start off the severe weather awareness week in Iowa with that startling fact.

NOAA has the U.S. Spring Flood Risk map that outlines the high risk for flooding over the northern counties of Iowa and the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa.

Water over roads is one of the most deceptive and deadly risk of flooding. It is impossible to see what lurks below the water. An open manhole cover or a portion of the road that is washed away is impossible to see.

Flood insurance for our homes may not be what you think would cover you in the event flood water runs through your home. At the very your insurance provider. Ask if your home is completely covered if a flood damages your property.

6 inches of water can knock you off your feet. If the water is rushing fast is nearly impossible to stand up in the torrent of water.

18 to 24 inches of water over the road can lift your car and send it down stream. Cars float. Consider the buoyancy of an aircraft carrier. It floats with massive tons of steel.

A 3000 pound car can easily be lifted by 18 to 24 inches of water. The moving water can then sweep the car off the road. The water will eventually seep into the cracks of doors and windows...effectively trapping those inside the car.

Know where the flood-prone areas are in your area.

Keep your NOAA all-hazards radio in your home, car and office. You will hear this all week! We have a portable NOAA radio for sale at all Fairway Stores and the Ah-Ha store at the Science Center of Iowa. They are under 30 bucks and can save your life.

Check out all the details of flood safety and the myths and facts of stay safe during flooding in Iowa.

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