Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blowing and Drifting Snow

Gusty wind is really going to kick up this afternoon and tonight. The snow we had over the last 48 hours is very light and will reduce visibilities and create drifting of snow over rural areas.
Speaking of snow....the storm system really stalled out over the central and northern counties of Iowa. Over a foot of snow was measured near Highway 20 and north. That 2-day total is going to put many cities within reach of record snow levels for the season. Many of us are seeing record snow totals for this time of winter.
Since December first the city of Des Moines has experienced 51 inches of snow. Normally we should have about 18 inches of snow by this time of winter. Next we look to the all-time record snowfall record for Des Moines. In the winter of 1911 to 1912 we had to dig out from 72 inches of snow. There is more snow on the way this weekend.
We are excited about a new weather computer system that is being installed in the Channel 13 Weather Center. It is going to change the look and the way we present the weather story to you each day. It also has the most advanced forecasting tools available anywhere in the world. Our forecasts will be even more accurate than anyone else in the state. It won't make the temperatures any warmer...maybe someday we will be able to control the weather. How frightening.
Watch out for the very slick roads tonight and the dangerous wind chills. Have you heard that enough this year?
Stay warm and safe.


Anonymous said...

ABC5 says Brad Edwards has the most accurate forecasts - for three years in a row?

Josh said...

Ed, could you post the top 10 snowfalls online that you show on the news. We would like to make a graph so we can see how close we can get to the 72". We are hoping to turn the "groans" of more snow to "cheers".