Thursday, February 4, 2010

Storm Moving In

Another winter storm is going to become an issue for travel tonight and tomorrow. The precip along the southern border of Iowa this morning was mostly light freezing drizzle. Much of it was not hitting the ground.

The surface is becoming more saturated. We will wait and see if the high pressure that is still moving to the east will have some effect on the amount of moisture that is going to be available for snow in central Iowa tonight and tomorrow.

The expected snow amounts are expected to reach 2 to 4 inches by tomorrow evening. Some forecast models are indicating much less snowfall. It is not going to be easy for us to get this one just tune in through the day and evening. We will be updating the timing and amounts about every three hours.

New product from the National Weather Service....

The NWS has a cool new map product that will give you highs and lows and precipitation over a map of the state of Iowa. It incorporates the reporting stations around the state of Iowa. You will see the high, low, rainfall, snowfall and snow depth from the stations that report all that information. Here is the link for your favorite tabs.

Watching and waiting for the next storm...see you tonight.


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