Friday, February 19, 2010

Top Five Snowiest Winters

We have been talking about this for the last few weeks. We were in the top nine snowiest winter countdown this morning with 58 inches. This noon we were already in the top 8 and by this evening we will be in the top 5.

Here are the numbers through 6:00 Friday Night.

72" ... 1910-1911
70.9" ... 1885-1886
64.1" ... 1961-1962
62.9" ... 1981-1982
61.7"... 2009-2010 ((((As of 6:00 PM Friday)))
59.7" ... 1974-1975
58.5" ... 2007-2008
58.4" ... 2003-2004
58.2" ... 1959-1960
57.8" ... 1904-1905

Melting snow will equal flooding.

The folks who keep the close watch on rivers across the state gave up their second Spring Flood Threat Report for 2010. It does not look good.

A high threat for flooding will continue through the spring. There are several areas that have more than a 70% chance for flooding this year. Many of those hot spots are located along the Des Moines River and Raccoon River basins. Those rivers feed from north and northwest Iowa into Des Moines. The Iowa River also has several areas of high threat of flooding. Marshalltown has a better than 70% chance for major flooding.

Here is the latest report.

Watch our forecasts tonight for the update on the top-ten and for the snow forecast Sunday.


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John & Carol said...

We've all grown (groan) tired of hearing 'Bitter' and 'Brutal' to describe this winter. While talking to my friendly neighborhood Verizon telephone guy, Chad, he suggested we should all use the term 'Redundant'. What do you say, Ed?

Carol in Carroll