Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pavement Warmer Than Air

This image is from Iowa Environmental Mesonet from the Iowa State University Department of Agronomy. It is a graph that compares yesterday's air temperature to the road surface temperatures on I-35 near Ames.

You can see the sun has the power to really warm up the surface of roads when the roads are not covered in snow. The surface temperatures of I-35 were in the middle 40s while our air temperatures were still in the 20s.

This has done so much to help all of us get from home to work without the worry of taking the last drive of our life.

My extreme thanks goes to the man behind the daily weather facts from ISU. Daryl Herzmann is the brain behind the Iowa Environmental Mesonet. You can find so much about the current forecasts...climate data...web cams... anything that has anything to do with Iowa weather can be found right here:

Thanks Daryl!!! You are the man.

Have a nice warm day on the pavements of Central Iowa.


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