Monday, May 3, 2010

Air Quality Awareness Week

The clear sky today is giving farmer and gardeners a very nice day to catch up on the storms that moved through the state this weekend.

It is Air Quality Awareness Week. This week we take a little time to remember what we breath is the most important thing to our lungs and over-all good health.
During the year we send out weather alerts for poor quality of air. Usually in Iowa that means stagnant air that does not allow pollutants to exit the area. Iowa usually has some wind blowing out the pollution. Every once-and-a-while we see high pressure sit right over the state. That can bring down the wind and push the air down on the surface. It can mean a tough time for those who have breathing problems.
This web site: will take you to the NOAA weather site that gives great information on how to help keep our air clean and all of us breathing easier.