Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tornado Alley

This was the live picture yesterday from our sister station KFOR in Oklahoma City.
In Oklahoma and Kansas...25 tornadoes were reported yesterday in this latest outbreak of extreme weather.
The live coverage of the Oklahoma tornado was pretty amazing. We had it on the air last night. The Chopper was in the air about 5 miles from the tornado.. but still able to zoom in to the debris cloud on the ground.

More severe weather is expected again today to the south of Iowa. The Storm Prediction Center has given a slight risk for the areas outlined on the map.
Those storms will be strong enough to lift moisture into Iowa through the evening hours. There will be a chance for scattered showers and isolated storms. Less than 1/2 inch of rain is expected in Des Moines. Heavier amounts will fall south of the Metro.
Keep watching tonight for the HD weather coverage.