Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thunderstorms and Flooding

This was the way the radar looked this morning at 9:30.
There will be lines of thunderstorms that will move over the state today and over areas of Iowa that are already flooded.
Most of the flood-warned counties were in southern Iowa this morning. We could see more warnings over the central counties by this evening.
The wind is also a major problem today. The rain will be falling side-ways. The gusty ENE wind will gust over 30 mph within some of the storms.
There is a flash flood watch for the southeastern 1/2 of Iowa through tomorrow morning.
When you go to the weather page at you will see a new radar display that has really become one of my favorite weather tools. The radar display is under the live Mega Doppler display like the one at the top of this blog.
This Google Map project allows you to throw all the weather you want on the maps and then navigate over the map to show the widest or most pinpoint radar locations.
You can display satellite...radar...warnings...lightning... earthquakes...hurricanes. The warnings show where the tornado or severe thunderstorms are occurring each moment. Same for all warnings and watches.
Check out the new cool tool and make your own weather maps for the location you live or for the location where you might be traveling.