Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nore Rain...More Flooding

More rain is on the way to Iowa. The storms will move in tonight and again last through Wednesday into Thursday morning. 1" to 2" of rainfall is expected. We will see more flooding in the southern 1/2 of the state. There is also a good chance for severe weather along the Iowa/Missouri border late Wednesday. The wind will again howl across the state. The east wind Wednesday will gust up to 25 mph and then the wind direction will swing to the northwest Wednesday night and Thursday.

Flooded counties are popping back up on the state map. We have four counties under flood warnings in southern Iowa. The Chariton River basin near Oskaloosa and Chariton and the Des Moines River near Bussy are areas that will stay flooded. More flooding is possible through most of the state as soils are near the saturation levels.

It has been cool the last few days. Highs only in the middle and upper 50s to around 60 in Des Moines.

In Ames the highs have been below 60 for 5 days. The last time this happened for the same period in Ames was in 1931.

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